Electoral Committee – Open Position

M. Müller (CH), Chair

Every three years, the over 11000 epi members from 38 states elect the approx. 140 members of the Council of the Institute. The elections are managed by the epi Electoral Committee (EC) and by the epi Secretariat. Prior to the election there is a nomination phase in which the list of candidates for each country is determined. The entire process is in transition: in 2014 for the first time the election was done by internet voting (by an external voting service provider), whereas the nomination process was revised but still done on paper. For the 2017 election, we are currently planning to have the nomination process done via the epi website. This will be an initial investment, with the goal of improving efficiency and transparency of the process.

The Electoral Committee has three members. Two are standing for re-election and so we are looking for a third member. Members of the Electoral Committe should have at least one, preferably both, of:

  • Experience with the organisation of elections on a communal or higher level.
  • An affinity for working with computer tools, in order to safely, reliably and efficiently implement the nomination and election.

A committment for remaining in the Committee for more than just one election is expected, in order to ensure continuity.
Members of the Electoral Committee may of course not themselves be candidates for election to the Council.

What's in it?

Taking responsiblility in a job that is not spectacular but vital for a functioning democratic process. Working in and for an international organisation.

What's next?

The members for the Electoral Committee will be elected by Council at its meeting on April 23, 2016.The next election will take place in February 2017, with work for the nomination phase beginning in the summer of 2016.

If you are interested and want to know more about the job, pleasewrite or phone the current chair of the Electoral Committee:
Dr. Markus Müller
Frei Patent Attorneys, Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 44 396 20 60
E-mail: markus.a.mueller@frei-patent.ch

Note: You can also find – rather detailed – information on the epi website page on Rules and Regulations (patentepi.org/en/the-institute/rules-and-regulations.html), where you can download the Collection of Decisions. Therein, see the documents “3.1.3 Rules for Election of Council” and “ of Reference of the Electoral Committee”.