epi Seminar “Opposition and Appeal” in Paris

C. Mulder (NL)

On 2 March 2016 Marcus Müller (member of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office) and Cees Mulder (European patent attorney and associate professor of intellectual property law at Maastricht University) gave another successful Opposition and Appeal seminar in Paris for an audience of around 70 patent attorneys. The seminar was moderated by Jérome Collin.
The cycle of epi Opposition and Appeal seminars supported by the EPO started in December 2013 in Milano on request of Paolo Rambelli. Since then the seminars have been given more than 10 times at various locations all over Europe (including Barcelona, Eindhoven, Helsinki, London, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm and Warsaw).
The format of the seminar is that Marcus Müller takes the lead in presenting the seminar and that Cees Mulder acts as an aide with questions and remarks. This collaboration stimulates the attendees to also ask questions. This makes the seminars very vivid and stimulating for the audience as well as for the speakers. A lot of practical and tactical advice is given by the two speakers. For instance, Cees Mulder gives practical advice how to behave and act in oral proceedings and he also gives a presentation how to draft patent applications with the aim of preventing problems later on in opposition and appeal.

Usually, the seminars are moderated by the local epi PEC member. The epi organises the event in a friendly and professional manner.

In 2016 more Opposition and Appeal seminars have been scheduled: on 14 June in Zurich and 27 September in Copenhagen.

Marcus Müller (DE)
Markus Müller
  • Member of the Boards of Appeal
  • Deputy Chairman of Board 3.3.09 of the European Patent Office (Munich) 2010-Present
  • Patent examiner at the European Patent Office (Munich) 2000-2009
  • European Patent Attorney (trainee) at AkzoNobel (Arnhem, NL) 1997-2000

Cees Mulder (NL)
Cees Mulder
  • European Patent Attorney 1999-Present
  • Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law (Maastricht University) 2009-Present
  • Founding Partner of DeltaPatents (Eindhoven, NL) 2001-2009
  • Philips Electronics (Eindhoven, NL) 1982-2001