epi Studentship Admissions Committee

H. Mardoian, epi Secretariat

The Committee has been created following a decision taken during the 81st Council Meeting held in Berlin on 12th November 2016. It shall consist of six members elected by the Council.

The purpose of this Committee is to determine whether each person applying to become an epi student has the necessary qualifications to meet the requirements set out in the Rules governing the epi studentship ("the Rules").

According to the new Rules governing the epi studentship ("the Rules"), the epi Secretariat is responsible for a pre-checking of each epi Student application and make sure that the applicant fulfil all the requirements. Therefore, the epi Secretariat will carry out a review of each application to become an epi student and forward it to the Committee.

The Committee will scrutinise each case forwarded by the epi Secretariat and will decide whether the candidate meets the requirements of the Rules.

Please note that Ms Hannah Mardoian is the Person in charge within the epi Secretariat. For further information she can be contacted by email under hannah.mardoian@patentepi.org