Book Review - Smart in C, A simple and efficient methodology for EQE paper C; authors: Nyske Blokhuis and Cees Mulder

Authors: Nyske Blokhuis and Cees Mulder
Book review by Harrie Marsman

The aim of the book Smart in C is already given in its subtitle: it wishes to provide a simple and efficient methodology for paper C of the EQE. To reach this aim, Nyske Blokhuis and Cees Mulder have developed the "Maastricht method", named to the University to which they are associated.

The authors show a high level of knowledge on how to deal with the C Paper both on a theoretical and a practical level.

The book consists of 83 pages dealing with a practical approach on how to analyze the case that is presented in C papers, how to select the attacks, and how to formulate the attacks in an answer paper. After this, the method is demonstrated in all details on the EQE 2015 C Paper.

The core of this new method is formed by a smart use of a number of highlighters in different colours and key words/annotations on the actual opposition paper pages, supplemented by a so-called "do-not-forget list" and a simplified novelty matrix. One needs a good discipline on the simple steps, but once you get used to this method, I can imagine that it is quite time saving compared to other methods; and especially compared to methods, wherein very large and/or complicated matrices are used.

I close this short review with a sentence laid down in this book: There is one major criterion in selecting the method for the analysis of the C paper: select the one that works for you to score sufficient marks within the time set for the Exam. One of the best things of this new book is that it is written with the aim of passing the exam paper. It is concise, easily readable and focuses only on what one needs for Paper C. Even if you do not use the Maastricht method or have insufficient time to practice it, I consider it full of helpful information that can be read in just a few hours.

Harrie Marsman
European professional representative before the EPO; tutor for the EQE

Smart in C