Internship for patent professionals Praktika Intern 2017 – working with examiners

19 September – 6 October 2017
European Patent Office, The Hague

The Praktika Intern programme is designed for professional representatives working in private practice or industry with experience in drafting and prosecuting European patent applications. It is an international programme organised and co-ordinated by the European Patent Academy, and it aims to promote equal access to education and training opportunities in the field of European and international patent law and practice across all current and future contracting states of the European Patent Convention (EPC).

Interns spend three weeks in Directorate-General 1 (DG 1), which is responsible for search, examination and opposition. They have the opportunity to work on actual case files and run prior-art searches. Each intern is looked after by one or more examiners, who explain step by step how DG 1 operates.

For more information, please see the Official Journal November 2016: OJ EPO 2016, A93
Closing date for applications: 31 January 2017

European Patent Office
European Patent Academy
Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1
80469 Munich, Germany

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