Terminology training manual for professional representatives

G. Arca, European Patent Academy

The EPO has developed a bespoke patent terminology training manual in English, French and German in collaboration with the British Council, the lnstitut Français and the Goethe-lnstitut. Focusing specifically on the European patent grant procedure, its purpose is to help professional representatives and EQE candidates further develop their language skills.

The manual is divided into four chapters, each reflecting a different EQE paper: filing a patent application, replying to communications, notices of opposition, and legal matters. The texts used in the training material are largely based on original EQE papers, examiner reports and other official EPO documents. The printed material is supplemented by a USB flash drive containing audio tracks.

Each chapter features practical exercises that focus on specific relevant terminology and grammar and highlight areas for language development. Listening activities developed on the basis of EQE documents concentrate on word recognition and repetition to improve comprehension skills, while writing activities, also developed using EQE documents, aim to help users produce texts that are both linguistically accurate and effective.

The material is designed for either group training or individual self-study. When used for group training, a teacher's handbook is available, which you can request by writing to academy@epo.org. To order your free copy of the manual go to www.epo.org/terminology-training.