epi preparation courses for the EQE pre-examination and main examination 2021

All courses are provided in the three EPO official languages:

English, French, German

epi Tutorial

Practice makes perfectWithin the tutorial you have the opportunity to prepare for your exam when it suits you.

What is your benefit?

  • you can register all year round
  • you set the schedule
  • you have free choice of examination papers
  • you pay a fee and can write a maximum of two exam papers
  • you receive individual feedback from an experienced epi Tutor

Mock EQE(s)

The mock EQE(s) allows you to attempt an EQE exam under exam conditions. epi Experts have developed examination papers especially for the mock EQE sessions.
You sit the various papers (A, B, C and D) in the same order as during the real exam and are given exactly the same time to sit the paper(s).

The feedback is given in small groups or one to one session(s) depending on the number of participants.

2-day Weekend Workshop - exclusively for epi Students

The workshop program targets epi Students who have recently passed the pre-examination and start their preparation for the full examination. The workshop is of benefit to candidates who resit Paper A, B or D.

  • Mix of "class teaching" and practical exercises
  • Interactive session small group
  • Two experienced tutors lead this course

The workshop is given in English, questions can also be asked in German or French.


Training package only available for epi Students

Your optimal training can look like this:

  • Weekend workshop + Tutorial
  • Weekend workshop + mock EQE
  • Weekend workshop + tutorial + mock EQE

All detailed information and registration are available in the event calendar on the epi website.

Are you interested in becoming an epi Student?

Being an epi Student you are able to take advantage of epi's 3 year training plan which provides complementary training sessions to those provided by external organisations.

How to apply?
Detailed information how to become an epi Student are available on our website.