Life of a patent distance learning course 2021

Have you ever thought about all the things to consider before drafting and filing a patent application up to the last step of the grant process? Join our distance learning course on Life of a patent. This distance learning course is intended for beginners in the profession but also for patent practitioners/patent engineers in industry that would like to refresh their EPC knowledge and skills. Participants find out about the main steps of pre-drafting and drafting a European patent application, together with the formal and substantive aspects of prosecution.

The course was jointly developed by the European Patent Academy with the support of epi Experts. The scheduled virtual classroom sessions allow a direct interaction with epi experts. Introductory videos and guide you through the different topics which are discussed at conceptual level and illustrated with practical examples. The course includes tests (quizzes) and assignments. After successful completion of the quizzes, you have the possibility to obtain a certificate for this course.

The official course start is 19 April 2021 and end 22 June 2021.

All members will be informed by email as soon as the registration is available.