epi preparation courses for the EQE pre-examination and main examination 2018

epi Tutorial

Get your individual feedback on papers A/B/C/D whenever you need it during your preparation for the EQE

  • Sign in for a tutorial whenever you want
  • Decide which paper you want to prepare
  • Arrange individually with your tutor:
    • the due date when transfer your prepared paper to your tutor
    • the date when to discuss the result of your individual paper with your Tutor
  • Discuss the result of your paper with your Tutor
    • in small Groups (on request) or
    • in a one to one session

For further Information is available here: http://patentepi.org/en/education-and-training/qualifying-as-a-european-patent-attorney/preparing-for-the-eqe.html

Mock EQE

The mock EQE allows participants to attempt an EQE exam under exam conditions. The participants sit the papers in the same order, and in the same time, as the real exam. The exam papers are from previous EQE exams and are chosen for their didactic value. Experienced epi tutors mark the papers. About one month after the mock EQE, the tutors discuss the answers with small groups of candidates. Each participant receives personal feedback on his/her work.
Participants may sit any combination of papers.

Target group
The mock EQE is intended to help EQE candidates prepare for the pre-examination and main examination.

Will be decided at a later stage.

Time schedule:
Can be found on the epi website: http://patentepi.org/en/education-and-training/qualifying-as-a-european-patent-attorney/preparing-for-the-eqe.html

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) seminars 2017/2018

Update on forthcoming events

Some seminars are postponed to 2018.
Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court

12 September 2017 Stockholm (SE) epi roadshow supported by the EPO
postponed Lyon (FR) epi roadshow
12 September 2017 Vienna (AT) epi roadshow
26 September  2017 Bologna (IT) epi roadshow supported by the EPO
October 2017 Bern (CH) epi roadshow supported by the EPO
Postponed Birmingham (UK) epi roadshow
October 2017 Bucharest (RO) epi roadshow
October 2017 Budapest (HU) epi roadshow
November 2017 Warsaw (PL) epi roadshow
16 November 2017 Eindhoven (NL) epi roadshow supported by the EPO
December 2017 Reykjavik (IS) epi roadshow
January 2018 Istanbul (TR) epi roadshow
February 2018 Munich (DE) epi roadshow

Opposition and Appeal

26 September 2017 Dublin (IE) epi roadshow supported by the EPO
tbd Budapest (HU) epi roadshow supported by the EPO