epi Training and Seminars during restrictions to due Coronavirus (COVID 19)

epi has cancelled all epi educational events until August 2020. The epi is closely monitoring the present situation with the Coronavirus (COVID 19) and will continue to react quickly where and when necessary.

For the moment, we observe the situation for all events in September and beyond. As the situation is not predictable and it would be too early to speculate, we advise participants registered for these events to book travel and accommodation on flexible conditions. Should it become necessary to cancel further epi events, registration fees already paid for these events will be reimbursed.

We would like to offer trainings for our members also in this times and are working on the establishment of online trainings.

All epi Members and epi Students will be informed as soon as these offers are available.

epi Tutorial is continuing

EQE candidates can register for the epi Tutorial to prepare for the EQE.

During the epi Tutorial you get your individual feedback on papers Pre-Examination/A/B/C/D whenever you need it during your preparation for the EQE

  • Sign up for a tutorial whenever you want
  • Decide which paper you want to prepare
  • Arrange individually with an experience epi Tutor:
  • Discuss the result of your paper(s) with your epi Tutor online

All detailed information and registration is available on the website.