News from the EPO
New Services of the Boards of Appeal

The Boards of Appeal have introduced new services on their website

Selected decisions

This service, which is designed to complement the existing list of recently published decisions of the Boards of Appeal, will alert users to all newly published decisions for which the board has provided a headnote or a catchword. Usually, a board will use a headnote or catchword if it wishes to provide a brief summary of a particular point of law or draw attention to an important part of the reasons for the decision.

The list of selected decisions will show all decisions with a headnote or catchword published on or after 1 January 2020 and will be automatically updated as each decision is released for publication on the EPO website.

Links to selected decisions in the HTML version of the Case Law Book

Building on this new list of selected decisions, links to selected decisions are now being added to the HTML version of the Case Law Book (9th edition, July 2019). It will help readers to identify new decisions within their thematic context.

For more information, see the communication on the Board of Appeal website.

Feedback on these two new services would be welcomed from users. Please send any comments or suggestions you may have to Frédéric Bostedt, Legal Research Service of the Boards of Appeal, at