Report of the Committee on EPO Finances

J. Boff (GB), ChairJ. Boff (GB), Chair

Since the 89th Council Meeting the Committee has been considering the paper CA/F27/20 (mentioned briefly in the Report to the 89th Council Meeting).

CA/F27/20 mentions the possibility of structural reforms to fees and is concerned about:

  • Sustainability of the EPO
  • Increasing revenue for the EPO (which is not the same as increasing fees)
  • Efficiency of the EPO

Some principles/aims of CA/F27/20 are:

  • Simplification of the fee structure
  • Steering applicant behaviour through fee incentives/disincentives
  • Aligning the structure of Euro-direct and (Euro-)PCT fees
  • Improving the cost coverage of certain products and services
  • Support for certain categories of applicants

While without any proposal from the Office as yet, the Committee have prepared a non-paper for discussion with the Office, with a view to ascertaining which, if any, align with the aims of the Office and offer potential improvements in practice (which can be found on the epi website