epi starts educational activities on the UP and UPC

epi learning

A special committee of epi has been planning the outlines of a training on the UP and UPC which it offers its members. In an introductory video recording that is available on www.epi-learning.org, the president of epi, Francis Leyder, explains how this training offer is structured. It consists of three levels:

  1. Essentials
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

The first level will cover the essential knowledge that an epi member should have of both the UP and the UPC. It consists of two recordings of which the UP part is already available on the educational website and the recording on the UPC will follow in June. These recordings are offered free of charge.

In the intermediate level you will be provided with practical knowledge for your day-to-day work with the new system and it will become available when the EPO and/or the UPC will have completed all the necessary administrative details with regards to the formalities for requesting unitary protection and opt-outs, respectively. It will also provide you with strategic considerations, e.g. when to request unitary effect and when to file an opt-out for the UPC.

The advanced level will provide knowledge for epi members that will assist representatives before the UPC. It will not be a course that would enable you to obtain a European Patent Litigation Certificate, but it will provide information on the UPC Rules of procedure and tactical and strategic aspects of litigating a case before the UPC.

Levels 2 and 3 will aim at providing practical examples, case studies and discussions and will require active participation. Like the recordings that are already available, we will be offering this training through our website www.epi-learning.org, but we will also be organizing live events.