Further developments in the epi IPRISK Professional liability insurance

C. Quintelier (BE), ChairC. Quintelier (BE), epi Working Group on Professional Liability Insurance

On June 1 2023 the Unitary patent system entered into force. This means that those epi members who comply with the conditions and have registered themselves as UPC representatives, will be able to represent their clients in procedures before the UPC. This new activity will create new opportunities for those members being a UPC representative. But new activities signifies new professional risks.

In cooperation with our broker RMS and with the Lloyds insurance company, which provides us the IPRISK Professional liability insurance, we developed a new module for the insurance. This new module will cover the work done by our colleagues representing their clients in Court procedures before the UPC. The new module can be added to the existing IPRISK insurance and is available at a yearly cost of 500€.

Please note that the work involved by requesting the registration, or withdrawal, of an opt out is covered by the usual IPRISK insurance and that the additional module is designed for those colleagues who will act in court proceedings before the UPC.

If you would like to subscribe to this new module, please go to the epi website and click on “Liability Insurance”.