Information from the Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee informs all epi Members about the installation of the new fixed 11 Chambers.


Please note that the Chair of a Chamber is entitled to change the functions of the Members within the Chairs Chamber as the case may seem useful.

All Members of a Chamber including the Substitute Member (Alternate Member) are independent in reaching their decision, are bound to confidentiality and are fully documented about a case to be dealt with in said Chamber.

The Substitute Member (Alternate Member) may substitute any of the Members, Rapporteurs or Chairs - as the case may be- within those Chambers they are related to.

The Chair of the Disciplinary Committee – when he composes the fixed Chambers – is responsible that every Member of the Disciplinary Committee serves at all available positions over the time.

In case Members of the Disciplinary Committee leave the Disciplinary Committee (e.g. at the end of a period) while a case of the Chamber of said Members is not yet finished, the Chair nominates new available Members to substitute said Chamber to the degree necessary, so that said case can be finished by said Chamber efficiently. This is a change of the past long standing practice.

Chamber Country Lastname Firstname Chamber Position
Gray GB Gray John Chair
RS Bogdanovic Dejan Rapporteur
IT Pio Frederico Member
SK Cechvalova Dagmar Substitute Member
Yurtseven TR Yurtseven Tuna Chair
DK Frederiksen Jakob Rapporteur
MT Sansone Luigi Member
MK Damjanski Vanco Substitute Member
Rousounido CY Rousounidou Vasiliki Chair
AL Nika Melina Rapporteur
IE Smyth Shane Member
LT Gerasimovic Jelena Substitute Member
Reuteler CH Reuteler Raymond Chair
ES Stiebe Lars Rapporteur
BE Debled Thierry Member
PT Dias Machado Antonio Substitute Member
Tsimikalis GR Tsimikalis Athanasios Chair
HR Korper Zemva Dina Rapporteur
SM Martini Riccardo Member
FR Nevant Marc Substitute Member
Westerholm FI Westerholm Christian Chair
SE Karlström Lennart Rapporteur
LI Rosenich Paul Member
NO Thrane Dag Substitute Member
Poth AT Poth Wolfgang Chair
CZ Fischer Michael Rapporteur
DE Fröhling Werner Member
SI Borstar Dusan Substitute Member
Kihn LU Kihn Pierre Chair
NL Hooiveld Arjen Rapporteur
RO Fierascu Cosmina Member
MC Hautier Nicolas Substitute Member
Pakidanska BG Pakidanska Ivanka Chair
IS Hardarson Gunnar Rapporteur
LV Sergejeva Valentina Member
AL Nika Melina Substitute Member
Rogozińska PL Rogozińska Alicja Chair
EE Kahu Sirje Rapporteur
HU Kovari Zoltan Member
SI Borstar Dusan Substitute Member