Introduction of web-based “Work Share” platform

Dr. B. Kunič Tešović (SI), Vice-President epi

On 20 September 2019 epi is introducing a new platform, so-called “WORK SHARE” platform, with the purpose to enable enhanced cooperation between the epi members. The introduction of the platform was approved by the epi Council in April 2018.

The general purpose of the platform is to facilitate the interactive cooperation between European Patent Attorneys who are interested in exchange of work. The epi members will be able to offer the exchange of work in the form of an announcement which will be published in the platform after login to the epi website. epi provides this service on a non-profit basis and acts merely as an intermediate without taking any responsibility. The use of the platform does not impact the epi Code of Conduct which remains unchanged.

The idea of the platform came from several epi members who looked for more work sharing possibilities. Such possibilities may relate to various situations, from lacking capacity in different technical or scientific fields to attorney work-related coaching or mentoring that can be provided to colleagues who have recently passed the EQE or to absorb additional work when needed. It is not intended, however, that the platform would be used for tutoring/EQE (-papers) or training purpose.

Work Sharing Platform

The platform will be available on the epi website in the member restricted area by clicking the “Work Share” button. The relevant guidelines on its use will be accessible in this website section. More details will be published on the epi website in September.

We would like to invite everyone to use this new feature and hope that this benefit for epi members will be appreciated!