epi Artists Exhibition 2021

The epi Artists Exhibition has become a tradition in the cultural life of the epi and the EPO. European patent attorneys who apart from their professional job also are artists showing their creative works.

The first epi Artists Exhibition was held in 1991 and since then was repeated every three years. As the last exhibition was held in June 2018, the next exhibition is provisionally planned to take place in the course of 2021. In due course, it will be announced in which form the exhibition will take place.

To give an impression, not only paintings are shown but also graphical and fine art works, such as ceramics, sophisticated watches and jewellery as well as artistic textile creations, such as patchwork quilts. A number of the works made by our colleague patent attorney displayed at the exhibitions are shown on the covers of epi Information.

This announcement is also an invitation to show to the world that you are not only creative in drafting and defending patents, but that you also have artistic aspirations.

You are cordially invited to register for contributing to the 2021 epi Artists Exhibition.

An electronic registration form can be found on the epi website:

We hope that the 2021 exhibition will be as attractive and successful as the previous ones.

epi Artists Exhibition