Report of the Nominations Committee

C. Quintelier (BE)

The Nominations Committee would like to thank all the epi Council members who were approached by the Committee for standing as an epi Board member and also them who, on their own initiative, contacted the Committee for their positive cooperation with the Nominations Committee.

We noted a clear enthusiasm from those who were approached to stand as a candidate, and also from those who decided not to stand as a candidate we got a clear answer on what motivated their decision.

The list of candidates for the epi Board election is available via the accumulated file and we thank all the candidates for having sent the necessary data to the epi Secretariat. We also thank the epi Secretariat for their extensive support.

The Nominations Committee also noted some problems for what concerns the scope of their function. We also are of the opinion that some guidelines and/or rules could be drafted with respect to the organisation of the election and the tools available to the candidates to express their view to the Council members. A discussion between the Nominations Committee and the By-Laws Committee on this purpose would be appreciated.