Note of the Disciplinary Committee

P. Rosenich (LI) Vice-Chair of the Disciplinary Committee

P. Rosenich (LI), Chair

W. Fröhling (DE)

W. Fröhling (DE), Vice-Chair

We remind you that the Regulation on Discipline for Professional Representatives and the epi Code of Conduct (cf. chapters XIV.2 and XIV.3 of the supplementary publication no. 1 of the OJ of the EPO) apply only to members of the Institute (“epi-Member”). As a consequence a complaint regarding any failure in complying with the rules set up in the Regulation and the Code of Conduct may only be directed against an epi member. In case such failure is attributable to an IP law firm as such a complaint may be directed against any epi member being in a responsible position in that IP law firm (e.g. a partner).