Preparation for the 2023 EQE on the epi-learning platform

In order to support EQE candidates and epi Students on their way to the European Qualifying Examination, the epi currently offers a number of training courses:

  • epi Students' forum
  • EQE Online Workshops
  • epi Tutorials
  • epi Tutor consultation hour
  • DI Advanced Questions

In addition, epi Students

  • have exclusive access to a training video on patent claims on the platform.
  • can enrol for webinars (and access recordings thereof) offered to epi members (such as UP/UPC) at a reduced fee.

epi Students' forum

In this forum, epi Students have the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss topics related to the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) at any time. Posting questions and answers in the forum is, by default, anonymous. epi Students are automatically enrolled and access to the forum is free of charge. Posts will be answered by an epi Tutor and will be available for all to see.

EQE Online Workshops

The EQE Online Workshops are especially designed for EQE candidates who have passed the Pre-Examination and are now preparing for the main EQE. Each online workshop comprises between 6 to 8 online sessions in which participants will work in small groups on real examples of practical and strategic aspects of the examination paper in question. Workshops can be booked per paper.

Session calendar

All sessions will be held from 16:00 to 18:00 CEST (and then CET after the end of October) on Mondays and Thursdays.

Paper D:
15 September to 03 October 2022 | 14 November to 01 December 2022

Paper B:
19 September to 06 October 2022 | 21 November to 08 December 2022

Paper C:
03 October to 27 October 2022 | 21 November to 15 December 2022 (will be held twice)

Paper A:
31 October to 17 November 2022

epi Tutorials

The most individually tailored training offering is epi Tutorials. Candidates can privately write answer scripts for one or more of the past EQE papers (pre- or main examination). Experienced epi Tutors will then review the answer scripts and provide personal feedback via videoconference or e-mail.

In addition, candidates also have the opportunity to submit scripts for the "Mock January 2021" and "Mock December 2021" available on Wiseflow. Here, candidates can write these scripts as timed papers on Wiseflow, submit them on the system and download them for submission as part of the epi tutorials.

Due dates and feedback sessions are individually organised between the tutee and tutor. The tutorial fee (400€ per paper) covers a maximum of two different years. If candidates wish to write the two "Mock" papers, they would be considered to be the two papers and will have the same tutorial fee. epi Students enjoy a 50% discount.

epi Tutor consultation hour exclusively for epi Students

Each week, an experienced epi Tutor will be available for an hour to answer questions you may have, relating to each one of the exam papers, starting with Paper D (first week), with the other papers following in each of the next four weeks. The cycle of sessions will then repeat in 5-week blocks. These sessions are free of charge and there is no need to register in advance - just select the relevant link on the epi learning platform.

Session calendar

All sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 16:00 to 17:00, CEST (and then CET after the end of October).

Paper D:
12 October 2022 | 16 November 2022 | 04 January 2023 | 08 February 2023

Paper A:
19 October 2022 | 23 November 2022 | 11 January 2023 | 15 February 2023

Paper B:
26 October 2022 | 30 November 2022 | 18 January 2023 | 22 February 2023

Paper C:
02 November 2022 | 07 December 2022 | 25 January 2023 | 01 March 2023

09 November 2022 | 14 December 2022 | 01 February 2023 | 08 March 2023

DI Advanced Questions

A set of 60 advanced legal questions has been prepared to help candidates preparing for Part I of the 2023 EQE Paper D. The questions relate to various topics of the EPC and the PCT.

Every Monday, for 20 weeks, starting on 10 October 2022, three new questions will be posted on the platform. One week later, 'model answers' will be published, where necessary with comments. In addition, there will be a kick-off virtual classroom (VC) on 4 October 2022 and monthly VCs where Mr Cees Mulder will explain the difficulties in the questions from the preceding weeks and answer questions from participants. epi Students must register for this training on epi-learning but no fee is involved.

Session calendar

60 DI Questions:
10 October 2022 to 21 February 2023

Virtual Classrooms (VCs):
4 October 2022 | 15 November 2022 | 20 December 2022 | 24 January 2023, 21 February 2023