epi Educational Trainings and Events

We are pleased to announce our educational trainings and events for autumn 2023!

Session Calendar

  • 09 October Webinar* Goodbye, ten-day rule
  • 18 October Seminar Infringement by Equivalence in Major EPC Jurisdictions Munich
  • 07 November Seminar Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court Athens
  • 22 November Seminar A fresh look at procedural aspects of appeal proceedings Madrid
  • 30 November Webinar Sufficiency of disclosure

*This webinar is free of charge only for epi members and epi students.

Register for the EPO high-level events organized in close co-operation with epi

  • 10-11 October Examination Matters (hybrid event at EPO Munich, EPO Rijswijk or online)
  • 23-24 November Opposition Matters (online event)

In addition, epi members and epi students have access to relevant online courses https://www.epi-learning.org/course, online lessons and other resources, such as webinar recordings, via epi-learning https://www.epi-learning.org.

Sounds interesting?

epi students are automatically registered on this platform and can take advantage of support and training offers specifically designed for epi students. In order to gain access to the platform, we require consent from epi members. This will be presumed when you fill in the survey link https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/epi-learning_platform the required data.

European Qualifying Examination 2024

Prepare yourself optimally for EQE 2024 with epi-Trainings! Our EQE preparation courses are open for registration.

Are you preparing for the EQE paper-to-paper main exam? Make sure you get one of the limited places in the EQE Online Workshops! In small groups, 2 experienced epi tutors will discuss the exam papers and their handling with you.

Or are you looking for individualized private feedback from an epi tutor? Register for the epi Tutorial.

As an epi student, you also have the opportunity to take part in the following training courses:

epi Tutor consultation hour - once a week a tutor is available for you to answer your open questions. Register now, you can still join the epi Tutor consultation hour.

You are writing Paper D in 2024? Then register for the DI Advance Questions. 60 questions and answers, plus 5 live sessions with Cees Mulder await you. 9 October 2023 – 20 February 2024: Self-enrolment to DI Advanced Question

Visit our epi learning platform for more learning opportunities.

For our epi Tutors:

12/13 October 2023 epi hybrid Tutors Meeting

18/19 October 2023 EPO Annual meeting of EQE tutors and members of the EQE committees

03 November 2023 epi Tutors Meeting

If you are interested in becoming an epi Tutor, please consult the following link. https://patentepi.org/en/education-and-training/epi-experts.html

Sounds interesting? Please find all the relevant information on the epi website.

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