Report from epi Tutor's meeting on 7 September 2017 epi 3-Year Training plan

M. Mackett (GB), Chair (former epi Experts Subcommittee)

Aim of the meeting

To develop an action plan for the implementation of a 3-year training plan providing training in aspects not provided by other service providers.


The meeting was attended by 34 epi Tutors who were divided into 6 workshop groups (Training Plan (Year 1); Training Plan (Year 2); Training Plan (Year 3); Paper DII Training; Role of Supervisors & epi Student Forum) to discuss various aspects for providing a 3-year training plan. A leader was appointed for each workshop group.

Each workshop group discussed its assigned aspect and provided feedback to the other workshop groups. Following the feedback sessions, an action plan was devised.

The proposed 3-year training plan has now been approved by Council.

Action Plan

We appreciated that it would not be possible to implement all aspects of our action plan at the same time and we concentrated on what would be needed to implement the training plan for Year 1, and, what would be needed to prepare for implementation of the training plan for Years 2 & 3.

Time will be needed for implementation of the 3-year training plan, and, we propose implementation by year with time being taken for preparation of material for following year(s).

Year 1 training - proposed Implementation for September/October 2018


  • an introductory seminar/webinar to advise students what they would be expected to do to pass the EQE and what is available in terms of guidance and support to get them to that stage
  • seminar/webinar(s) on "Life of a patent module" discussing the use of patents and what the claims are used for

epi Student Forum:

  • to provide support and guidance for epi Students by providing sections for each paper including the Pre-Exam
  • to enable students to obtain answers to their questions posted in the forum, the questions being posted anonymously

Mentorship programme:

  • to provide support and guidance for students in cases where supervisors are unable or unwilling to provide such support and guidance

Preparation for Paper DII training

Preparation for Year 2 training

Year 2 training - Proposed implementation for September/October 2019

Work/study groups:

  • Workgroups for Paper A & B analysis
  • Tutor-led case law discussion groups
  • Establishment of study groups (where appropriate)
  • Exercises leading into epi Tutorials for Papers A & B


  • Methodology & strategy for Pre-Exam
  • Methodology & strategy for Papers A & B
  • Methodology for finding answers

Mock Pre-Exam

Paper DII training (latter part of year)

Continuation of epi Student Forum

Continuation of Mentorship programme with same/different mentors

Preparation for Year 3 training

Year 3 training - proposed implementation for September/October 2020


  • Paper C analysis
  • How to deal with obscure points

Continuation of Paper DII training

Continuation of epi Student Forum

Continuation of Mentorship programme with same/different mentors

Continuation of epi Tutorials for Papers C & D

Mock EQE - Papers A, B, C & D (for papers being taken)

Repetition of Year 3 training for those sitting EQE in "modules"