Do you want to be regular author for epi Information?

M. Nollen, (BE) Chair of the Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee is engaged that epi Information will be a journal that a skilled European Patent Attorney needs to keep up with the profession. The ambition is that each issue contains

  • an overview of changes in the practice
  • an overview of most relevant Case Law of the Boards of Appeal
  • an overview of relevant courses and other training opportunities

The overviews should are to be summaries and to give guidance to fellow European Patent Attorneys, as to whether a change requires attention or is an opportunity for an improved practice. Each issue should have such overviews so as to enable that one can rely thereon. Table 1 indicates the overviews that the Editorial Committee has in mind

In order to achieve this, the Editorial Committee needs help from you: we need additional patent attorneys as regular authors, that provide such overview 4 times a year. But, as you may realize, this is also an opportunity for you: any regular author will be the expert providing overviews in the journal that is sent to all European Patent Attorneys.

What we have in mind for an overview:

  • 1000-1500 words per contribution
  • Covering important updates, providing a summary and guidance and referring with link where to find the text of the update
  • Meeting the high standards of our profession as to quality and relevance
  • Addressing qualified European Patent Attorneys
  • prepared by one author or a small team of authors

What we ask:

  • commitment to be a regular author at least for one year, preferably for two years or more;
  • willingness to provide the overview according to a format specified by the Editorial Committee
  • sufficient background knowledge in the field, so as to give the guidance
  • commitment to investigate independently (and/or with fellow authors) updates on a certain subject.

What we offer:

  • publication in each issue of epi Information as regular author, with email address in a footnote
  • opportunity to become a leading and well-known expert on the topic
  • review of the contribution by the Editorial Committee
Chapter Subject Remarks
Agenda Overview of epi, EPO and other conferences in next six months and introduction per conference, indicating target group, nr. of participants etc. Include also Inv of the Year Award etc Contacts with EPO etc in advance to ensure that information is complete; Include table for overview,
Agenda Overview of trainings and deadlines (ie. EQE, litigation certificate, assistants etc Probably in the form of a table
Perhaps twice per year (?)
EPC/PCT practice updates Update on new EPC rules and other changes at EPO (fees, ancillary regulations). Discuss relevance Contacts with EPO to ensure that we do not miss a change and to verify that 'advice' is correct
EPC/PCT practice updates Update on new PCT rules Could be combined with foregoing
EPC/PCT practice updates Guidelines changes review Subdivide overview of entire guidelines over more than 1 issue
Case Law Rules of Procedures A regular one or two page overview on relevant decisions. Decisions can be selected by reviewing case law blogs etc
Case Law Enlarged Board (G-decisions and Review decisions Discussion on each G-referral and G-decision, review of relevant Review decisions
Case Law Chemistry & Pharma
Case Law Computer related inventions
Case Law Mechanics
Case Law & practice Biotechnology Due to the specifics of the field, it seems useful that a biotech attorney reports on Case Law and practice

Interest to become a regular author on a specific subject can be expressed by email to:

Please provide also a short introduction of yourself. For further information, please contact Maarten Nollen, Arnold & Siedsma, tel. 0032-2-7376290.