Preparation for the 2022 EQE on the epi-learning platform

To support EQE candidates and epi Students on their way to the European Qualifying Examination, the epi currently offers a number of training courses:

  • epi Students' forum
  • DI Advanced Questions
  • epi Tutorials

In view of the current pandemic situation, these take place 100% online - and are handled via the platform. Furthermore, epi Students

  • have exclusive access to a training video on patent claims
  • can enrol for webinars (and access recordings thereof) offered to epi members (such as Case Law Online).

epi Students' forum

epi has created a Student Forum on the epi Learning Platform ( so that epi Students can ask questions regarding the exam papers of the EQE. Your questions can be posted anonymously in accordance with the Student Forum Rules. The questions will be reviewed by epi Tutors who will post appropriate replies.

The Student Forum is divided into the following sections: Pre-exam, Paper A, Paper B, Paper C, Paper DI and Paper DII. There is also a General section for questions not specifically related to individual exam papers. Please use the appropriate section(s) for your questions. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer technical questions about the EQE format nor the browser that will be used for the exams; such questions should be directed to the Examination Secretariat at the EPO.

epi hopes that you will find the epi Student Forum helpful in your preparation for the EQE. If you do not already have access to the epi Learning Platform, please contact the Education Team (

DI Advanced Questions

A set of 57 advanced legal questions has been prepared to help candidates preparing for Part I of the 2022 EQE Paper D. The questions relate to various topics of the EPC and the PCT.

Every Monday, for 19 weeks starting on 11 October 2021, three new questions will be posted on the platform. One week later, 'model answers' will be published, where necessary with comments. In addition, there will be monthly webinars where a tutor (Cees Mulder) will explain the difficulties in the questions from the preceding weeks and answer questions from participants. epi Students must register for this training but no fee is involved.

epi Tutorials

The most individually tailored training offering is epi Tutorials. Candidates can privately write answer scripts for one or more of the past EQE papers (pre- or main examination). Experienced epi Tutors will then review the answer scripts and provide personal feedback via videoconference or e-mail.Due dates and feedback sessions are individually organised between the tutee and tutor. The tutorial fee (400 EUR per paper) covers a maximum of two different years. epi Students enjoy a 50% discount.