Call for Tutors

We are looking for people passionate about education and patent law and practice, who would join us in our quest to help our future colleagues and who would be excited to participate in various education projects as tutors.

What is it like to be an epi Tutor? Our epi Tutors share their story:

“While studying for the EQE, I had the chance to take some preparatory courses. Things just clicked afterwards - it was still a lot of work to prepare for the exam, but I could build upon the foundations built by the tutors. Immediately after qualifying, I reached out to one of my former tutors to ask if I could become one myself. The stars aligned, and I was able to start tutoring that very same year. My knowledge was still fresh, and I could pick up various tutoring techniques from the other tutors. It’s been a few years now, and the EQE has been in flux - keeping us on our toes and requiring adaptation of our work. I love giving back and being part of the tutoring community, not to mention keeping my legal knowledge up to date!”

epi Tutor: Nina Ferara

“While preparing EQE I attended to some preparatory courses and had the chance to meet great tutors. I remember especially one of them who really striked me after she explained in a perfect way after she perfectly clarified some important details I was missing. For me being a tutor is this getting to the point in customized way. When after qualification I had the opportunity to become a tutor I was honoured for this opportunity: my preparation and legal knowledge was still fresh and I was ready to share it with the students. During these years I really enjoyed the tutoring experience: I also learned a lot both for professional and human exchange with the other tutors, certainly by doing that I had also to keep my legal knowledge up to date but the most satisfying part is when a student were striked after I was able to hit the point.”

epi Tutor: Sara Morabito

Sounds interesting to you? Further information can you find on the epi website