Annual Subscription 2024

Zs. Szentpéteri, Treasurer
M. Augustyniak, Secretary General

In accordance with the decision of epi Council C96 on 11 November 2023, the amount for the epi annual subscription has been set at 250 EUR for 2024, if paid before 1 April 2024 and at 375 EUR if paid later.

The annual subscription for epi Students was set to be 125 EUR for 2024.

In order to minimize the workload in processing accurately and efficiently subscription payments, and independently of the transmitting way, please note that:

  • Each payment should be clearly identified indicating invoice number and full name of the member.
  • Unidentifiable payments bear to risk of being rejected.
  • Invoices regarding the epi annual subscription 2024 will be sent by email around mid of January 2024.

Every member will receive an invoice, even if a direct debiting mandate from an EPO account has been provided to the epi.

In case of doubt and to avoid double payment, please get in touch with the epi Secretariat, to check whether a direct debiting mandate is valid for you.

The 2024 annual subscription can be settled as follows:

1. Direct Debiting Mandate

  • By debiting an EPO deposit account on 25 February 2024
  • The form to set up/amend/delete a direct debiting mandate can be found on the epi website
  • In case a direct debiting mandate is set up with epi, kindly note the following:

The due annual subscription will be debited automatically from the EPO account on 5 February 2024. Please make sure that the EPO account has sufficient funds at that date. Any new direct debiting mandate or amendment/cancellation of a previous one must be received from the account holder at the epi Secretariat at latest by 15 February 2024. If you have any questions relating to the direct debiting mandate, please get in touch with the epi Secretariat (

2. Bank Transfer

  • By bank transfer in Euro (bank charges to be covered by payor)
  • Please note that payment should be received on epi’s account by 31 March 2024

If payments are not made prior to 1 April 2024, the annual subscription is increased to an amount of 375 Euro.

Account holder: European Patent Institute
Bank Name: Deutsche Bank AG
IBAN No: DE49 7007 0010 0272 5505 00

3. Paypal

The link to the online payment tool can be found on our website.

4. Credit Card

  • By credit card (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • the link to the online payment tool can be found on our website

For payments with American Express, please use PayPal.

In case you plan to withdraw from epi membership, please note that you may avoid the annual subscription 2024 if you submit a request to be deleted from the list until 1 April 2024 if you submit with the Legal Division of the EPO a request to be deleted from the list until 1 April 2024 (see