T. Johnson (GB), Editorial Committee

epi Information is now up and running electronically. The Editorial Committee hopes that our readers are finding the new format helpful, interesting, and user friendly. Needless to say, we welcome any feedback.

Mention of feedback brings to mind that by the time many readers see this issue, the UK Government will have received feedback from the British people after their vote in the Referendum on 23rd June as to whether to remain in the EU or not. Could a vote to leave the EU have an impact on IP in Europe? For example, how would the Unitary Patent or UPC fare? Or the European Medicines Agency, presently located in the UK? We do not know the answer to such questions, nor do we of course make any political comment on the Referendum, but the result could impact on IP one way or the other.

The Institute is having its own internal debate – Referendum? -on the size of Council. A reduction in size has been proposed by The Reporting Group and this was debated at the recent Council meeting in Athens. No vote was taken then, but the debate will no doubt continue.

As many readers will no doubt also know, a delegation led by our President recently met President Battistelli and some of his colleagues at the EPO to discuss the topic 'Partnership for Quality' (PfQ). President Battistelli mentions the meeting, which resulted in an MoU between the epi and EPO, in his Blog of 22nd April, 2016. We hope that Mr. Battistelli will not mind our quoting this extract from his Blog:

"... the EPO and epi have signed an MoU on professional training. Under this formal agreement, we now have a clear framework under which our organisations can more effectively plan their cooperation on continuing professional development in the medium and long term. A significant part of this agreement is a joint programme to train EQE candidates, their supervisors and tutors as well as the vocational training of others whose work falls in this field. Furthermore, the MoU places an emphasis on the necessity to offer distance learning so that those wishing to continue their professional development can do so irrespective of their location."

As we have often commented, there is never a dull moment in IP! And that we live in interesting times! On those happy notes, we wish all our readers a very pleasant Summer.

Post Script:
We are extremely pleased to report another 'first' for epi Information.This is a special contribution from a Japanese Examiner, Mr. Kazuo Shibata, in the form of an Article on the very interesting and much debated topic of partial priority. We are very pleased indeed to be able to publish this Article.