Updates on epi Information

M. Nollen, (BE) Chair of the Editorial CommitteeM. Nollen, (BE) Chair of the Editorial Committee

As Editorial Committee, we are most active in increasing the quality of epi Information. This is to inform you on the ongoing process.

New publication scheme

As of 2019, the publication scheme of epi Information is shifted. The publication dates will be in February, May, August and November. In this manner, we avoid publications just before Summer and around Christmas, which are very busy for many of us. Additionally, it allows us to present updates on practice well in due time before those enter into force, such as typically on 1 January or 1 April.

New order

In the current issue, the order of the contributions has been revised and several chapters have been introduced. We hope that the relevant content in epi Information is more accessible.

Regular authors

In response to our request in the preceding issue of epi Information, several people have taken up the invitation for becoming a regular author. Their contributions will appear as of the next issue. There is still space for some more regular authors, particularly with an interest to regularly report on Case law updates (Rules of Procedures, Enlarged Board (G-decisions and Review decisions), Chemistry, Pharma, Computer implemented inventions).

Regular authors are patent attorneys that provide such overview 4 times a year. What we have in mind for an overview:

  • 1000-1500 words per contribution
  • covering important updates, providing a summary and guidance and referring with link where to find the text of the update
  • meeting the high standards of our profession as to quality and relevance
  • addressing qualified European Patent Attorneys
  • prepared by one author or a small team of authors

What we ask:

  • commitment to be a regular author at least for one year, preferably for two years or more;
  • willingness to provide the overview according to a format specified by the Editorial Committee
  • sufficient background knowledge in the field, so as to give the guidance
  • commitment to investigate independently (and/or with fellow authors) updates on a certain subject.

What we offer:

  • publication in each issue of epi Information as regular author, with email address in a footnote
  • opportunity to become a leading and well-known expert on the topic
  • review of the contribution by the Editorial Committee

If you are willing to become regular author, please send an email to
Further information can be obtained from
Maarten Nollen, Arnold & Siedsma (tel 0032-2-7376290)