Open Positions in the Editorial Committee

M. Nollen (NL), Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee of the epi is responsible for the website and for epi-Information. We form a small committee with practical tasks, and our results are visible for a big audience. There are now (max 6) open positions in the Editorial Committee.

The improvements so far...

In the past three years, the Committee has been involved with major projects on both the website and epi-Information. A new website was constructed under our guidance. The contents of the website remain a major challenge. Epi-Information was transformed into a digital journal. By means of guidelines and critical review of manuscripts, improvements to the quality of the journal have been made, with the goal that the journal serves permanent education of the patent attorneys and presents major positions taken by the epi towards the EPO and other organisations.

The success to be pursued

Both on the website and on epi-Information, there is a lot of work to do, so as to achieve the goals that we have set: a useful, up-to date and attractive website, and a journal on European patent practice of the quality that our profession deserves. The focus of the Editorial Committee is on the provision of contents. Additionally, the Editorial Committee cooperates with the Presidium as necessary and particularly in relation to the epi's Communication policy.

Therefore, the Editorial Committee would like to get in contact with candidate members (qualified European patent attorneys), who have a sense for editorial work and who are willing to contribute to this success. We expect:

  • a sense for editorial work and a feeling for what content is of importance for fellow attorneys;
  • ability and willingness to write reports or other articles for epi-Information;
  • regularly giving feedback by email on manuscripts and on questions sent by the person in charge within the epi-Secretariat;
  • attending committee meetings (1-2 per year).

The Editorial Committee would be pleased to include one or more members with specific experience with website design and content management.

We offer:

  • openness to new ideas and freedom to engage therein;
  • a good atmosphere in the Committee (with pleasant meetings);
  • focus on the contents, i.e. case law and other developments;
  • support by the staff of the epi-secretariat.

We are of the opinion that the work in our Committee is attractive for:

  • patent attorneys that are close to retirement and are willing to use their experience and knowledge for the benefit of the profession, without need for major travelling;
  • senior patent attorneys, including group leaders in industrial practice, with the experience of reviewing and setting out frameworks, and
  • young talented patent attorneys with a willingness to publish and to build up a bigger network.

Any interest can be expressed to the person in charge within the epi-Secretariat, Mrs Sadia Liebig,, preferably before the end of September 2017. A motivation letter with CV is appreciated. Election of candidates will occur during the epi's Council meeting in autumn this year. For further questions, candidates can contact Maarten Nollen,, tel +32-2-7376290.