Report of the Nominations Committee

C. Quintelier (BE), ChairC. Quintelier (BE), Chair

After the Committee election, which took place during the C89 Council meeting, there were still some open positions left in different Committees. Consequently, a further election round had to be organized at the C90 Council meeting. As the open positions were limited to a restricted number of EPC Contracting States, the Nominations Committee has sent an invitation to the full members of the epi Council of those Contracting States inviting them to look among the members of their Contracting States for candidates. The invitation was generally well responded so that there were candidates for election.

The Secretary General, elected at the C88 Council meeting, resigned making it necessary to organize a new election for the function of Secretary General. Since the Executive Director had started her work at the epi secretariat and since the amended By Laws had caused some changes in the function of the Secretary General, the Nominations Committee was of the opinion that presenting a profile of a candidate for the function of Secretary General could help the full Council members in their decision to stand or not for this function. So, such a profile was drafted and sent to all full Council members. The draft was made with the contribution of the Presidium members and of the Executive Director. The Nominations Committee wants to thank at this occasion the Presidium members and the Executive Director for their kind and constructive cooperation.