Report of the Professional Conduct Committee

G. Checcacci (IT), ChairG. Checcacci (IT), Chair

The newly elected PCC started its activity with a general meeting (by ViCo), on 07.12.2020.

Giorgio Checcacci has been re-elected as Chair and several Working Groups have been defined.

Among them, the already existing WG for the amendment of the Code of Conduct started immediately its activity, to complete the work done in the previous term. At the Council meeting in November 2020, PCC had presented (for information) a preliminary proposal to amend the CoC; that proposal was explicitly incomplete, lacking an article. The WG and PCC as a whole met several times (always by ViCo) between December 2020 and January 2021, and eventually agreed on the complete proposal that was presented to the Council for information on 8 May 2021. The proposal (possibly updated in the next months) will be presented at the Council meeting in November 2021 for adoption.

Other WGs have also started activity, with the aim of improving knowledge and compliance with the Code of Conduct. A WG is collaborating with the Professional Education Committee (PEC), to prepare webinars on the provisions of the Code of Conduct. Another WG is preparing the background to publish among epi members the opinions delivered under Art. 7(d) of the Code of Conduct (obviously, in fully anonymized form).