epi Information is seeking occasional and regular contributors

M. Nevant (FR) Chair of the Editorial CommitteeM. Nevant (FR) Chair of the Editorial Committee

Interested in revealing your hidden talent for writing interesting and informative articles for epi Information? The Editorial Committee is seeking occasional and regular contributors to epi Information which is published four times annually and available to a potential readership of approximately 12,600 European Patent Attorneys. Authors contributing in a personal capacity and from varying experiences and backgrounds are welcome. Articles can be in English, French or German. A perusal of previous issues of epi Information will provide you with guidance as to the type of contribution that is desirable in a respected and professional journal. We endeavour to include in each issue:

  • an overview of changes in the EPO practice and related issues;
  • an overview of most relevant Case Law of the Boards of Appeal; and
  • an overview of relevant courses and other training opportunities.

In addition, perhaps you have been directly or indirectly involved in an interesting Opposition Proceedings or Appeal before the EPO and have a view that might be of particular interest to our readers? Clearly, it would be necessary to indicate in the article that you had a direct or indirect involvement in the case and from which perspective. Information on interesting decisions or activities in your own jurisdictions and which might appeal to a wider audience are also welcome. While there is no fixed rule on the length of an article, 1,000 – 1,500 words are to be preferred.

In some countries, an article published in epi Information can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development requirements. It is suggested that you check locally for details.

Why not eMail us (editorialcommittee@patentepi.org) with your ideas/ contributions?

You never know, a whole new but hidden world of authorship and journalism might be revealed!

epi Information is seeking occasional and regular contributors