Webinars in 2021

In the beginning of 2021, epi continues with offering webinars free of charge to all members and students. The registration for each webinar will be made available as soon as the dates are confirmed. All members receive the concrete schedule by email.

The webinars are dealing with the following topics:

Collaboration with oversea patent attorneys (4 sessions)

In the practice of a patent attorney, it is important to cooperate with colleagues in other countries. Whereas European patent attorneys are generally most knowledgeable about the European and perhaps the national patent systems, it is necessary for them to have some knowledge of the practice in countries in which their clients also want to obtain patent protection. Further, overseas colleagues may have clients that want to obtain European patents, for which these overseas colleagues use European patent attorneys to act as a local patent agent.

In these four webinars the speakers will highlight the major differences between the foreign and the European practice, the major communication problems and they will provide you with advice how to best contact and work with foreign patent professionals from countries like China, India, Brazil and the USA.

IP Commercialization (three sessions)

In March epi members can expect three webinars on IP Commercialization conducted by Tony Tangena.

Intellectual Property (IP) needs to create value

In this webinar we will discuss how global changes in the last 30 years affected the way companies deal with IP. Some topics: Fourth industrial revolution; Is Europe still innovative? Why should companies bother with IP; How to create value from IP; the Intellectual economy with its open innovation and public-private cooperation. What is the role of the patent attorney? Also, some examples of how industries deal with IP will be discussed.

IP strategy

In this webinar we will discuss a short summary of session 1 focused on the intellectual economy and then explain what this means for an IP Strategy: Different ways of using IP; Value creation models; How to choose and implement an IP strategy; Value based IP management; What strategic choices to make and what about IP for SMEs?

Patent valuation

The last webinar deals with valuation of IP: Why is it important to know the value of IP? Patent valuation models: Costs, Market, Income. We will discuss an example how to value a patent.